DUO cigarette filler



Product Description

We all sometimes face the limits of our possibilities. What is technically feasible may seem to be hard to make. Then we may give up and admit we have reached the end. But it is worth to carry on.
The new DUO filler breaks all the rules and we would like you to witness that.

We have the pleasure to present the new, revolutionary cigarette filler. We are well aware that making cigarettes by yourself takes a lot of precision. The trick is to pick out proper tobacco blends available on the market and setting them in such proportions to make an ideal cigarette. We know what important role a filler plays in the process. That is why we have created the perfect device. It took us a lot of time to select proper material for it but going the extra mile paid off. What we have achieved is a combination of high quality and exceptional design.

Thanks to a specially constructed mechanism, DUO allows to adjust the length of a cigarette filter.

With just a single move you can change adjustments according to you preferences:
STANDARD- 15 mm filter
EXTRA- 24 mm filter


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